A Scary Situation in Burlington

Police ChaseDangerous events occurred recently when a person attempted to flee from the police. According to reports, the event took place in Burlington, Massachusetts as the police were on patrol at the Burlington Mall. The police began to pursue a suspect around 7 p.m. when the officers noticed that there was a minivan idling in a parking spot and determined that the license plate for the car belonged to another vehicle. When the officers sought to approach the vehicle, the man in the minivan allegedly entered the vehicle and drove away. The man has been identified as Robert Haught, a 42-year old man from Maryland. As Mr. Haught allegedly attempted to flee from the police, he reached speeds of more than 80 miles per hour. He allegedly struck a police cruiser while engaging his vehicle at such dangerous speeds.

The police then claimed that Mr. Haught barreled his vehicle in the direction of a police officer, who, while attempting to defend himself, fired two shots from his gun, although the officer did not strike anybody. Then, the suspect allegedly continued driving the minivan and struck two vehicles, including a car that contained a woman and her two children. While the woman suffered injuries, those injuries were not life threatening; fortunately, the car accident did not injure the two children.

After the vehicle smashed into the two vehicles, the police asserted that Mr. Haught exited the vehicle and attempt to flee on foot before police officers eventually caught and arrested him. When the police searched the minivan, they claimed that they found a stack of credit cards and valuable merchandise. Investigators believe that he may have committed credit card fraud. As a result of the numerous actions that Mr. Haught allegedly engaged in, he will have to face charges for attempted murder and several other criminal allegations.

What should I do when I am in a car accident?

Even if you are in a car accident, there are certain steps that you should take regardless of whether you are responsible or not for the accident. For example, it is imperative that you obtain as much information as possible regarding the accident. Such information should include contact information for those involved in the accident, a description of their vehicles, and their license plates. You should also contact law enforcement, even if there are no injuries. It is best if people stay after the accident and explain to law enforcement everything that led to the accident. Even when the police arrive at the scene of an accident, you still need to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report, which must be done within five days of the crash. This type of report must be filed when a vehicle is involved in a crash that contains injury or death, or there are at least $1,000 in damages.

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Massachusetts, please contact the Sheehan Law Firm. We understand how traumatizing car accidents can be, and we will do our best to help you recover due compensation.

Photo Credit: Highway Patrol Images via Compfight cc