Risk of Accidents Highest for Beginner Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists, who have been on the road for just a few days, are at the highest risk of accidents.  In fact, the risk of an accident is the highest during the first 30 days on the road.  You don’t have to be a Boston motorcycle accident attorney to understand why this is so.  What’s intriguing however, is that those risks of accidents during the first month are very real even if the motorcyclist undergoes a training program before he begins riding.

Motorcyclists who have been on the road for just a few days are inexperienced, and may lack the driving skills necessary to scan for accident hazards, and avoid these.  Additionally, motorcyclists this early in the game, may not realize that they are driving in a hostile environment that includes many motorists who do not accept motorcyclists as legitimate users of the road.

As a motorcyclists gains experience, he is much more likely to reduce the risk of an accident by wearing brightly-colored clothing, wearing reflective clothing at night, and avoiding blind spots in a motorist’s field of vision.  All that information is not available to beginner motorcyclists, and therefore, the higher risk of accidents.

Even when a motorcyclist undergoes an education and training program from a registered provider, the risk of accidents may not be reduced.    In fact, according to one study, the accident risks are higher for motorcyclists who live in states that require them to undergo a training program before they begin riding.

That could possibly be because these motorcyclists are allowed to begin riding without any preliminary training period when they are accompanied by licensed motorcyclists.  A graduated licensing program, similar to the one adopted for teenage drivers, could help motorcyclists learn the ropes, and ride only when they’re completely fit and able to.