OSHA Cites Food Plant for Safety Violations After Fatal Accident

The Occupational Safety and Health and Administration has found severe, multiple safety violations at a Taunton-based food plant in Massachusetts.  The safety violations have led to the agency citing the company for as many as 20 safety violations.

According to the Occupational Safety And Health Administration, it conducted investigations of the company, Tribe Mediterranean Foods Inc.  The investigation revealed that the company had failed to invest in worker training, and had failed to comply with several other federal workplace safety standards.  Those failures directly led to the death of a worker at the facility last December.

In that particular accident, the 28-year-old worker was engaged in cleaning the machine, when he was suddenly pulled into the machine, and killed.  The federal agency began its investigation into the company’s safety practices after that accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that in this accident, the worker had not been trained in hazardous-energy control procedures.  These procedures allow workers to help shut down the machine before and after the cleaning procedures.  The Occupational Safety And Health Administration also cited the company for its failure to conduct regular and periodic inspections of these procedures.  The investigators also found an exposed chain and sprocket on a conveyor that was used to make hummus.

The agency is taking strict action against the company.  According to the agency, these are repeat violations which makes them more serious.  Moreover, the nature of these violations requires that the company be placed in the Occupational Safety And Health Administration’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program.  Companies that are placed in this program are put through regular inspections by the federal agency, to make sure that the plant is complying with all federal laws.