Motorcyclists at High Risk of Accidents in Summer

Over the next few weeks, motorcyclists in Boston and across Massachusetts will bring out their motorcycles, as the year’s peak motorcycling season kicks off.  This is also one of the most dangerous times of the year for motorcyclists.  Appropriately enough, the month of May is being marked as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, to encourage awareness among both motorcyclists as well as motorists about the increased accident dangers during this time.

The initiative is being supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle safety groups as well as Boston motorcycle accident lawyers.  According to some studies by federal agencies, motorcyclists are up to 25 times more likely to die in an accident compared to the occupants of a passenger vehicle.  They are 35 times more likely to suffer injuries in an accident, compared to passenger vehicle occupants.

Studies indicate that these injury risks or fatality risks decrease substantially when a person is wearing a motorcycle helmet.  However, the fact is that even with a helmet, there is no guarantee that the motorcyclist will not suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries that either kill them or leave them with long-term disabilities.

Insurer Allstate has recently kickstarted a safety sign campaign, involving the installation of standardized motorcycle safety signs in important cities across the country.  The message being promoted is the importance of looking out for motorcyclists not just once, but at least twice, at an intersection.

This summer, motorists must look out for motorcycles at all times.  If you are a beginner motorcyclist, summer may not be the best of times to practice your skills, or begin riding.  Increase your visibility by wearing brightly-colored clothing in the daytime, do not follow a car too closely, and always ride wearing a helmet that is compliant with DOT standards.