What Are Some Misconceptions of Workers Compensation

Here’s some common misconceptions that people have about workers’ comp. First, a lot of people think by bringing a workers’ comp claim, they’re actually suing their employer. They’re not suing their employer. Employers are protected from being sued in Massachusetts if they have workers’ comp. If you get hurt at work and you bring a workers’ comp claim, you’re going to receive benefits that you’re entitled to through an insurance company that your employer has paid premiums for to cover you as their employee.

Another misconception that people have about workers’ comp is they think that they’ll receive direct compensation for pain and suffering associated with their work injury. Again, workers’ comp is a wage replacement system and medical payment system. There’s no direct compensation for pain and suffering.

Some people think that, if they don’t hire a lawyer to represent them after they’ve been hurt at work, that their employee will do everything right and that the insurance company will pay all the benefits they’re entitled to. As soon as you’ve been injured at work and the accident’s been reported to the insurance company, the insurance company is working to make sure that they limit how much money they’d have to pay you, either directly or through medical benefits. In order to ensure that you receive all the compensation that you’re entitled to, you should contact an experience workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible after a work injury.

These are just a few of the misconceptions that some people have about workers’ comp. If you’ve been injured at work, or even if you’re receiving workers’ comp right now, you should contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer.