The Dangers of Working in the Construction Industry

5661568631_ffb3c7e5f2Construction work is an important sector in the American economy. Construction workers perform a task in which they understand that there is a significant possibility of injury while working. Some of the more common injuries are related to the usage of dangerous equipment, the occurrence of falls at work sites, and dangerous positions near oncoming traffic.

Dangerous Equipment

One of the issues with working in construction is that there are dangerous tools present that could lead to significant injury. This could be a problem when people are working at great heights. Dropping a tool could result in an injury for someone working below another worker. One way to combat such a danger and prevent injuries would be to provide safety netting to catch falling tools. Additionally, there is a risk of injuries because of the usage of dangerous power tools. Because the materials are dangerous, having construction workers go through re-training and constant safety awareness activities can help to reduce the instance of injury on the job.


Another risk of construction work is the fact that many of the work sites are very high. It means that these workers are at a special risk if an accident occurs high off the ground. It is not uncommon for construction workers to fall from a work site leading to serious injuries or death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2012, 269 of the 775 fatalities in the construction sector were due to falls. It is the leading cause for work-related deaths in the construction industry. Due to working at large heights, construction workers rely on ladders to transport themselves. Therefore, it is important that the construction company chooses the right ladder for the job. Placing construction workers in situations in which they must leap or reach to attain a certain position puts these workers at greater risk for injury. It is also imperative that the bottom and top of the ladder are affixed to established points. Another significant measure would be to not have construction workers carry tools while they are climbing the ladders. It would lead to less risk of losing one’s balance and falling.

Oncoming Traffic

Another danger that construction workers must sometimes encounter is having to do their job in dangerous places. Construction workers must sometimes perform their work near highways or on roads. They are at risk for injury because of oncoming traffic. In this case, the construction workers are in a precarious position because they must rely on drivers to handle their vehicles in a safe and prudent manner. The CDC recommends that construction workers wear bright and easily visible clothing so that they are less likely to be injured. They also recommend the use of barriers and traffic control measures when people are working near road sites.

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