Can Boston Car Accident Injuries and Fatalities Be Reduced?

Boston Accident AttorneyMassachusetts is, overall, a safe place to be. A recent report found that the state had the second-lowest rate of injury deaths in the United States. However, there was one area that needed improvement. Massachusetts, the report said, should create a primary seat belt law. Will the primary seat belt law reduce injuries and deaths incar accidents

A primary seat belt law authorizes police and highway officers to give tickets to drivers and passengers who are not wearing seat belts, even when there are no other violations. A secondary seat belt law, which is the kind of law that Massachusetts has, allows officers to give tickets only when the vehicle can be cited for another traffic infraction. In other words, in Massachusetts, drivers can’t get pulled over just for not wearing seat belts.

Last year, an attempt was made in the state legislature to change the Massachusetts seat belt law to make it a primary offense to be a driver or passenger in a car without wearing a seat belt. However, the proposed change was defeated in a legislative committee.

Wearing a seat belt significantly improves the odds of avoiding injury or death in a vehicle accident. The risk for people who are not wearing seat belts is as much as 50 percent higher. In an effort to increase seat belt use, the state’s Office of Public Safety has an annual “Click It or Ticket” program that combines extra enforcement with media messages to promote the message that seat belts save lives.

Even if the law is eventually changed, injuries and fatalities caused by traffic accidents will remain an unfortunate part of life in Massachusetts that can never be eliminated completely. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, you should consult a car accident attorney to find out what steps you need to take next to get the compensation to which you are entitled. It’s best not to delay. If you are in Boston, the sooner you consult a Boston car accident lawyer, the easier the process will be.

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