The Boston Cycling Celebration: A Safety Reminder

6049911773_3f5a840cbcAs the temperatures cool and summer fades away, many of us are in denial that the warm sun and outdoor activities we enjoyed over the past few months are ending. Beginning tomorrow, the Boston Cycling Celebration will allow us one last hurrah before we trade in our flip flops for snow boots. This two-day event seeks to encourage the Boston community to improve their health and wellness, and to use bicycles for both fun and transportation.

If you are not one to jump on the bike yourself, come and enjoy the 6th Annual TD Bank Mayor’s Cup Criterium, the only professional cycling race in Boston. There will be children’s and amateur races throughout the day as well. If you do decide to make the event a family affair, a free festival at City Hall Plaza promises family entertainment, food, and music.

Hub on Wheels

The main event, the Hub on Wheels, is a ten-plus mile historic community bike ride through the streets of Boston. Allowing participants to ride on roads closed to vehicle traffic allows bikers to focus on beautiful city views surrounding them. Boston’s beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and historic lands are showcased throughout this journey. For more information about how to register for this event, look here.

Besides the family-oriented atmosphere, one of the greatest features of this event is the safety of the bike trail. Roads are closed to vehicles, volunteers are stationed throughout the journey, and emergency personnel are staffed in event they are necessary. As Boston’slargest city-sponsored sporting event, Hub on Wheels is a great place to get the whole family acquainted with safe bike riding, and enjoy one last weekend of summer.

A Safety Reminder

While Hub on Wheels creates a safe, controlled area for bike riders to enjoy, this is not always the case when riding on public roads. Despite bike lanes, signs, and increased driver and pedestrian awareness of bicyclists, accidents involving bicycles are all too common in Boston. These accident levels tend to increase in the summer months when more people are out enjoying the weather.

Despite what many would assume, most bicycle accidents occur during the daytime when the roads are dry and the sky is clear. This is likely due to increased pedestrian, vehicle, and bicyclist traffic at these times with people traveling to and from work. For quick tips, always remember to wear a helmet, remove headphones so as to hear oncoming traffic, walk your bicycle across crosswalks, cross only at crosswalks, and observe traffic signals. Following these seemingly obvious tips can significantly improve your chances of safety during a fall or collision.

Injuries Can Happen

Despite a decline of bicycle accidents in Boston in recent years, accidents still do happen. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a bicycle accident involving a vehicle, another cyclist, pedestrian, or even just yourself, you may be able to be compensated for your injuries. Our experienced bicycle accident personal injury attorneys have the knowledge necessary to investigate, file, and negotiate these claims in the greater Boston area.

Attending events such as the Hub on Wheels is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself and your family with biking in Boston. Taking the time to teach your children bicycle safety and how to watch for vehicles, other pedestrians, and other bikers, is just one of the many benefits attending events such as this may provide. Bike riding is fun, healthy, and contributes to saving the environment, but also has risks associated. If you have been injured on a bicycle, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.

Photo Credit: Jonas Tana via Compfight cc