Boston Construction Accidents

34988312_211f097d17All accidents can be dangerous. Many of us boast nice, safe, office jobs with daylight hours where our only exposure to the elements or other vehicles is our drive to and from work. While anyone can get injured or suffer disability at work, construction employees have a particularly dangerous job. Carpal tunnel syndrome, slipping and falling, or other injuries are more frequent at the office than on a construction site. On a construction site you find more catastrophic fall, crush, chemical, and equipment-related injuries that can often be fatal.

Types of Construction Accidents

The labor-intensive construction career can be lucrative but can also be very dangerous. Workers must rely on their co-workers to properly operate complicated, heavy machinery, to secure scaffolding and ladders, and to place equipment out of the path of others. Depending on the area of work, chemical explosions, fires, and crush injuries resulting from improper use of equipment, defective products, or inadequate training may cause debilitating injuries, amputations, severe burns, loss of vision or heating, or even death.

Working on a roadway has its own safety concerns. Not only do the construction workers have to take precautions while using their equipment, but they also have to be concerned with those around them. Massachusetts law requires doubling the original fine for traffic violations in construction zones to deter vehicles from speeding and to pay close attention to the workers on or near the roadways. Unlike most states, this is true even when workers are not present. Some jurisdictions penalize drivers who injure or kill workers with hefty fines or jail time, hoping this will also serve as a deterrent to keep construction workers safe. Regardless of these precautions, according to the United States Department of Labor in 2013, 4,400 construction employees were killed in their line of work. Many of these injuries occurred in labeled construction zones, though falls still accounted for nearly 40% of construction-related deaths in 2013.

Construction workers on high surfaces have additional concerns. Wind, rain, and other elements can affect visibility and stability. Cranes and scaffolding can fall or cause injury, or people can slip and fall off high ledges when equipment is negligently left laying about by other employees. Following falls at 40%, 10% of construction fatalities were the result of being struck by an object, 9% due to electrocutions, and nearly 3% due to workers being caught in between heavy objects or machinery.

Construction Accident Injury or Death Attorneys

There are an average of 12 construction-related deaths every day. This saddening statistic represents progress, however; this number is the lowest since the first fatal construction injury statistic was recorded in 1992. While construction-related deaths are significantly declining, accidents do still happen. Our knowledgeable, experienced construction accident attorneys at John J. Sheehan know how to successfully litigate a construction accident claim, whether you are looking to obtain worker’s compensation, personal injury compensation, or wrongful death compensation. We understand how difficult these situations can be on a family, and understand that you are worried not only about your physical well-being, but also your financial future. Our Boston-based construction accident attorneys will work with you, your employer, and any other interested parties to determine the best avenue for your physical and financial recovery. Contact John J. Sheehan today and be confident that your legal rights will be protected.

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